October 18 Birthdays

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October 18th, 2001 (October 18 2001)BirthAnnelise Manojlovic, English actress
October 18th, 1998 (October 18 1998)BirthJulia Wroblewska, Polish actress
October 18th, 1991 (October 18 1991)BirthTyler Posey, American actor
October 18th, 1990 (October 18 1990)BirthCarly Schroeder, American actress
October 18th, 1987 (October 18 1987)BirthZac Efron, American actor
October 18th, 1987 (October 18 1987)BirthFreja Beha Erichsen, Danish model
October 18th, 1984 (October 18 1984)BirthLindsey Vonn, American alpine skier
October 18th, 1982 (October 18 1982)BirthNe-Yo, an R&B singer
October 18th, 1978 (October 18 1978)BirthWesley Jonathan, American actor
October 18th, 1978 (October 18 1978)BirthMike Tindall, English rugby union player
October 18th, 1977 (October 18 1977)BirthRyan Nelsen, New Zealand footballer
October 18th, 1976 (October 18 1976)BirthZhou Xun, Chinese actress and singer
October 18th, 1975 (October 18 1975)BirthAlex Cora, Puerto Rican baseball player
October 18th, 1974 (October 18 1974)BirthRobbie Savage, Welsh footballer
October 18th, 1974 (October 18 1974)BirthPeter Svensson, Swedish musician (The Cardigans)
October 18th, 1974 (October 18 1974)BirthCandy Lo, Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actress
October 18th, 1973 (October 18 1973)BirthMichalis Kapsis, Greek footballer
October 18th, 1972 (October 18 1972)BirthAlex Tagliani, Quebec racing driver
October 18th, 1970 (October 18 1970)BirthJose Padilla, American former gang member and alleged supporter of terrorism
October 18th, 1970 (October 18 1970)BirthDoug Mirabelli, American baseball player
October 18th, 1969 (October 18 1969)BirthNelson Vivas, Argentine former footballer
October 18th, 1965 (October 18 1965)BirthCurtis Stigers, American jazz vocalist and saxophonist
October 18th, 1964 (October 18 1964)BirthDan Lilker, American musician, bassist for Anthrax, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, and Brutal Truth
October 18th, 1962 (October 18 1962)BirthVincent Spano, American actor
October 18th, 1961 (October 18 1961)BirthWynton Marsalis, American musician
October 18th, 1961 (October 18 1961)BirthRick Moody, American author
October 18th, 1960 (October 18 1960)BirthJean-Claude Van Damme, Belgian actor
October 18th, 1960 (October 18 1960)BirthErin Moran, American actress
October 18th, 1959 (October 18 1959)BirthKirby Chambliss, Aerobatic pilot and Red Bull Air Racer
October 18th, 1959 (October 18 1959)BirthMilco Mancevski, Macedonian film director and screenwriter
October 18th, 1959 (October 18 1959)BirthJohn Nord, former American pro wrestler
October 18th, 1959 (October 18 1959)BirthChris "Mad Dog" Russo, American sports talk show host
October 18th, 1959 (October 18 1959)BirthSteve Swayne, Dartmouth Professor
October 18th, 1958 (October 18 1958)BirthCorinne Bohrer, American actress
October 18th, 1958 (October 18 1958)BirthThomas Hearns, American boxer
October 18th, 1958 (October 18 1958)BirthKjell Samuelsson, National Hockey League defenseman
October 18th, 1957 (October 18 1957)BirthDoug Isaacson, Alaskan politician
October 18th, 1957 (October 18 1957)BirthCatherine Ringer, French singer and songwriter (Les Rita Mitsouko)
October 18th, 1956 (October 18 1956)BirthMartina Navratilova, Czech-born tennis player
October 18th, 1956 (October 18 1956)BirthCraig Bartlett, American animator
October 18th, 1956 (October 18 1956)BirthJim Talent, American politician
October 18th, 1955 (October 18 1955)BirthTimmy Mallett, British TV presenter
October 18th, 1955 (October 18 1955)BirthDavid Twohy, American movie director and screenwriter
October 18th, 1955 (October 18 1955)BirthRita Verdonk, Dutch politician
October 18th, 1955 (October 18 1955)BirthVanessa Briscoe Hay, American singer and songwriter (Pylon (band) & Supercluster (band))
October 18th, 1954 (October 18 1954)BirthLiz Burch, Australian actress
October 18th, 1952 (October 18 1952)BirthB?o Ninh, Vietnamese novelist
October 18th, 1952 (October 18 1952)BirthJerry Royster, American baseball player
October 18th, 1951 (October 18 1951)BirthMike Antonovich, American ice hockey player and executive
October 18th, 1951 (October 18 1951)BirthTerry McMillan, American author
October 18th, 1951 (October 18 1951)BirthPam Dawber, American actress
October 18th, 1950 (October 18 1950)BirthOm Puri, Indian actor
October 18th, 1950 (October 18 1950)BirthWendy Wasserstein, American playwright (died in 2006)
October 18th, 1950 (October 18 1950)BirthSheila White, English actress
October 18th, 1949 (October 18 1949)BirthJoe Egan, British musician (Stealers Wheel)
October 18th, 1949 (October 18 1949)BirthGeorge Hendrick, baseball player
October 18th, 1949 (October 18 1949)BirthGary Richrath, American musician (REO Speedwagon)
October 18th, 1948 (October 18 1948)BirthNtozake Shange, American author
October 18th, 1947 (October 18 1947)BirthJob Cohen, Dutch politician, mayor of Amsterdam
October 18th, 1947 (October 18 1947)BirthJoe Morton, American actorJoe Orton Quotes
October 18th, 1947 (October 18 1947)BirthLaura Nyro, American singer and songwriter (died in 1997)Laura Nyro Quotes
October 18th, 1947 (October 18 1947)BirthPaul Chuckle, British comedianChuck D Quotes
October 18th, 1946 (October 18 1946)BirthJames Robert Baker, American novelist, screenwriter
October 18th, 1946 (October 18 1946)BirthHoward Shore, Canadian film composer
October 18th, 1945 (October 18 1945)BirthChris Shays, Member of the United States Congress from Connecticut
October 18th, 1945 (October 18 1945)BirthHuell Howser, American TV host
October 18th, 1945 (October 18 1945)BirthY?ldo, Turkish famous showman and football player
October 18th, 1943 (October 18 1943)BirthBirthe Ronn Hornbech, Danish politician
October 18th, 1942 (October 18 1942)BirthLarry Pickering, Australian newspaper cartoonist
October 18th, 1939 (October 18 1939)BirthMike Ditka, American football player, coach, and commentator
October 18th, 1939 (October 18 1939)BirthLee Harvey Oswald, purported American assassin of John F. Kennedy (died in 1963)John F. Kennedy Quotes
October 18th, 1939 (October 18 1939)BirthFlavio Cotti, member of the Swiss Federal Council
October 18th, 1938 (October 18 1938)BirthDawn Wells, American actress
October 18th, 1937 (October 18 1937)BirthCynthia Weil, American songwriter
October 18th, 1935 (October 18 1935)BirthPeter Boyle, American actor (died in 2006)
October 18th, 1934 (October 18 1934)BirthCalvin Lockhart, Bahamian actor (died in 2007)
October 18th, 1934 (October 18 1934)BirthInger Stevens, Swedish actress (died in 1970)
October 18th, 1934 (October 18 1934)BirthChuck Swindoll, American evangelistChuck D Quotes
October 18th, 1933 (October 18 1933)BirthForrest Gregg, American football player
October 18th, 1932 (October 18 1932)BirthVytautas Landsbergis, Lithuanian politician
October 18th, 1931 (October 18 1931)BirthChris Albertson, American jazz historian
October 18th, 1929 (October 18 1929)BirthVioleta Chamorro, President of Nicaragua
October 18th, 1928 (October 18 1928)BirthKeith Jackson, American football commentator
October 18th, 1927 (October 18 1927)BirthGeorge C. Scott, American actor (died in 1999)
October 18th, 1926 (October 18 1926)BirthChuck Berry, American musician
October 18th, 1926 (October 18 1926)BirthKlaus Kinski, German actor (died in 1991)Klaus Kinski Quotes
October 18th, 1925 (October 18 1925)BirthRamiz Alia, political leader of Albania
October 18th, 1924 (October 18 1924)BirthHugh Allan "Buddy" MacMaster, Canadian musician
October 18th, 1921 (October 18 1921)BirthJesse Helms, U.S. Senator from North Carolina
October 18th, 1920 (October 18 1920)BirthMelina Mercouri, Greek actress and political activist (died in 1994)
October 18th, 1919 (October 18 1919)BirthRic Nordman, Canadian politician (died in 1996)
October 18th, 1919 (October 18 1919)BirthAnita O Day, American singer (died in 2006)
October 18th, 1919 (October 18 1919)BirthPierre Elliott Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada (died in 2000)Pierre Trudeau Quotes
October 18th, 1918 (October 18 1918)BirthBobby Troup, American musician (died in 1999)
October 18th, 1915 (October 18 1915)BirthVictor Sen Yung, American actor (died in 1980)
October 18th, 1913 (October 18 1913)BirthRobert Gilruth, American aviation and space pioneer (died in 2000)
October 18th, 1909 (October 18 1909)BirthNorberto Bobbio, Italian philosopher and legal theorist (died in 2004) Philo Quotes
October 18th, 1906 (October 18 1906)BirthJames Brooks, American painter (died in 1992)
October 18th, 1905 (October 18 1905)BirthJan Gies, Dutch resistance fighter (died in 1993)
October 18th, 1904 (October 18 1904)BirthA. J. Liebling, American journalist (died in 1963)
October 18th, 1903 (October 18 1903)BirthLina Radke, German athlete (died in 1983)
October 18th, 1902 (October 18 1902)BirthMiriam Hopkins, American actress (died in 1972)
October 18th, 1902 (October 18 1902)BirthPascual Jordan, German physicist (died in 1980)
October 18th, 1900 (October 18 1900)BirthLotte Lenya, Austrian singer and actress (died in 1981)
October 18th, 1897 (October 18 1897)BirthIsabel Briggs Myers, American psychological theorist (died in 1980)
October 18th, 1894 (October 18 1894)BirthH. L. Davis, American author (died in 1960)
October 18th, 1893 (October 18 1893)BirthGeorges Ohsawa, Japanese founder of Macrobiotics (died in 1966)
October 18th, 1882 (October 18 1882)BirthLucien Petit-Breton, Argentine-French cyclist (died in 1917)
October 18th, 1873 (October 18 1873)BirthIvanoe Bonomi, Prime Minister of Italy (died in 1951) Bono Quotes
October 18th, 1870 (October 18 1870)BirthDaisetz Teitaro Suzuki, Japanese scholar (died in 1966)
October 18th, 1868 (October 18 1868)BirthErnst Didring, Swedish author (died in 1931)
October 18th, 1865 (October 18 1865)BirthArie de Jong, Dutch linguist (died in 1957)
October 18th, 1865 (October 18 1865)BirthLogan Pearsall Smith, American essayist and critic (died in 1946)Logan Pearsall Smith Quotes
October 18th, 1859 (October 18 1859)BirthHenri Bergson, French philosopher, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature (died in 1941) Philo Quotes
October 18th, 1854 (October 18 1854)BirthBilly Murdoch, Australian cricketer (died in 1911)
October 18th, 1785 (October 18 1785)BirthThomas Love Peacock, English satirist (died in 1866)
October 18th, 1777 (October 18 1777)BirthHeinrich von Kleist, German writer (died in 1811)
October 18th, 1741 (October 18 1741)BirthPierre Choderlos de Laclos, French general and author (died in 1803)Pierre Choderlos de Laclos Quotes
October 18th, 1706 (October 18 1706)BirthBaldassare Galuppi, Italian composer (died in 1785)
October 18th, 1701 (October 18 1701)BirthCharles le Beau, French historian (died in 1778)
October 18th, 1679 (October 18 1679)BirthAnn Putnam, Jr., American accuser in the Salem Witch Trials (died in 1716)
October 18th, 1668 (October 18 1668)BirthJohn George IV, Elector of Saxony (died in 1694)
October 18th, 1662 (October 18 1662)BirthMatthew Henry, English non-conformist minister (died in 1714)Matthew Henry Quotes
October 18th, 1653 (October 18 1653)BirthAbraham van Riebeeck, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (died in 1713) Abraham Quotes
October 18th, 1634 (October 18 1634)BirthLuca Giordano, Italian artist (died in 1705)
October 18th, 1595 (October 18 1595)BirthEdward Winslow, Plymouth Colony founder (died in 1655)
October 18th, 1569 (October 18 1569)BirthGiambattista Marini, Italian poet (died in 1625)
October 18th, 1547 (October 18 1547)BirthJustus Lipsius, Flemish humanist (died in 1606)
October 18th, 1517 (October 18 1517)BirthManoel da Nobrega, Portuguese Jesuit in Brazil (died in 1570)
October 18th, 1405 (October 18 1405)BirthPope Pius II (died in 1464)
October 18th, 1127 (October 18 1127)BirthEmperor Go-Shirakawa of Japan (died in 1192)

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